A Modern Times Millennial

A Modern Times Millennial

I am the very model of a modern times millennial
My patience for your answers verges nigh infinitesimal
From growing up with Google I expect queries spontaneous
To yield the information at a speed near instantaneous

My personal aesthetic is of socialite inebriate
Or failing that I'm trying out a tradcore run to nature bit
My dream of independence in finances unachievable
From soaring costs of living and disasters unbelievable

The scattered exploration of my interests that I document
Gives ADHD whiplash to the highly conscientious set
Selection of a single course of study is anathema
Excepting my enduring exploration into Thelema

In matters of the spirit my religion's indeterminate
No specified relation to the rulers of the firmament
When pressed on my agnosticism by a friendly mutual
I'll quote some canned philosophy and simply say I'm spiritual

At navel gazing my performance reaches heights of Narcissus
My story spooled on social in facsimile of constant bliss
I know my MBTI and my Big Five personality
Just please don't ask me to engage with offline sociality

On politics I have opinions that are quite vociferous
Although I'm pessimistic toward my outgroup most oblivious
If only all the world could think in ways to me amenable
They'd understand the worldview of this modern times millennial

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