💡 Hire Me

I frequently help creators and businesses of all kinds to launch new products, define a strategy, build their online presence, or refine their process or messaging. I have also provided coaching and development services for individual creators who want to grow their skillset or launch a project. I thoroughly enjoy doing this and encourage you to reach out for a friendly discussion if you're curious about any services I could help you with!

You can reach out to me at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter with proposals or inquiries.

I am not seeking long-term, full-time employment at this time, but I'd be happy to work with you on a part-time or limited basis, and I charge on a sliding scale depending on the nature of the request and your personal situation.

My Experience

  • I have worked in formal product management, project management, design, and senior leadership roles for both Fortune 500 companies and rapidly growing startups with over a decade of corporate experience in the technology industry.
  • I have independently launched a successful publishing company with a remote team of 20+ contractors and taken several technology startups from idea to market.
  • I have personally authored more than 50 fiction and nonfiction books in multiple genres under a variety of pseudonyms and built a number of successful and growing online brands.
  • I'm a self-taught programmer with experience in application planning, design, architecture, and maintenance and have handled significant portions of the coding for my own ventures.

How Can I Help You?

I'm a problem solver at heart. My core competency is in diving deep into your product or service, evaluating your user needs and market conditions, and then providing concrete and actionable suggestions you can use to grow your business or audience. This has implications for multimedia content of all kinds, including apps, books, videos, blogs, and games. I can also coach individuals on achieving any goals they have related to their career, business, or personal life.

Some examples of services I provide:

  • Helping to refine your vision, design, or promotional strategy for a standalone application, book, or SaaS product.
  • Building a website or application according to your vision via personal management of my on-staff team or extended contractor network.
  • Assisting you with publishing and marketing a book you'd like to get in front of people.
  • Providing experienced consultation on questions you have about publishing, technology, content creation, marketing, or business strategies.
  • Coaching you on landing a job or developing your own skills in product design, coding, career growth, management, or writing, and helping you to build a sustainable business of your own.
  • Directly performing or advising on a wide range of technical and publishing services. I have a dedicated team and a wide network of talented friends that I can draw on to assist with ghostwriting, editing, book cover design, coding, app design, hiring, and candidate sourcing for your project or company.

References are available upon request! You can reach out at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter for an introductory discussion to explore your needs, any time. I tend to respond to requests within 48 hours (and usually much faster).