Introducing a New Way to Blog

Introducing a New Way to Blog

Today I'm very excited to announce that @mattroll_ and I are releasing the beta version of our side project: A free tool that makes it easier than ever to cross-post your Twitter content to your blog or Substack!

Welcome to Thread2Blog:

Many Twitter users have great threads that work well for cross-posted content, but actually getting your writing out to your blog is a hassle, and the existing tools out there aren't actually intended for this and don't work perfectly for this purpose.

Our app does some intelligent massaging of the content that makes it custom-suited for converting your Twitter threads to longform content. It automatically inserts pictures and quote-tweets as inline content and programmatically removes any numbering you use to order your threads (which was something I always had to do manually before and why we built this).

It's also super fast, especially after you use it once.

You can browse the front page to see recent posts and your compiled thread pages are perma-linked so that you can share them.

There's a copy button at the top of the compiled thread page that grabs all the content onto your clipboard so it's ready to drop into Substack, etc.

Matt did a great job with this over the last few weeks and we collaborated on the design and functionality, and now we need beta testers and feature feedback, so please check it out and share your thoughts! I have been playing with it and it's way easier than alternatives.

This should make it totally trivial to cut your Tweet threads over to longform posts for further editing or posting directly, and saves me about half an hour to an hour of boring formatting work when I have a thread.

The tool will remain free to use and you don't need an account. I will be using it for my threads and will keep an ear out for how we can improve it throughout beta, so don't be shy.

We're not trying to build a startup--this was just a fun little project we hope is helpful.

If you like it and use it and want to support ongoing development, we do have a donation button on it and you can buy us a coffee. But mostly I just wanted to fill a gap I saw (especially with numbered threads) that existing apps struggle with.

Have fun and let us know how it goes for you!

(This post was written on Twitter and cross-posted using Thread2Blog).