Mystic Legacy Deck Building Game

Mystic Legacy Deck Building Game

What is Mystic Legacy? Mystic Legacy is a card game I designed, built, and playtested in 2017, inspired by deck building games like Star Realms and Ascension. I was a long-time Magic the Gathering player and felt like these games needed a little more depth to hold my interest beyond a few games.

The base game contains 83 unique deck building cards across 4 factions and is designed to be played by 2-4 players with rules very similar to other deckbuilding games, but with a fantasy flair and more opportunity for player interaction and responses during the rounds.

Despite doing very well in playtesting, only three physical sets of the game have ever been printed because I decided I didn't want to manage the overhead of a physical game business (two decks were given as gifts and I have the third).

I have plans to convert the game concept and images to a digital format in the next few years once my current game project launches, and I'm excited to bring the concept to a wider player base soon. In the meantime, I'm making the designs available as NFTs to help fund the development of my game projects.

You can browse the whole card collection and purchase any of the 83 original card NFTs on OpenSea. Thanks for your interest!