Post Categories

All of my writing on this site is categorized by tags, but the tags aren't always easy to find or access. This page gives an overview of each of the categories of posts I write about and a link to all of those posts.

  • Business: Posts about business, startups, career development, product management, salary, and negotiation.
  • Discourse: Posts about politics, highly-contentious issues, and the topic everyone is arguing about right now.
  • Esoterica: Posts about all things at the fringes of what we know and believe to be true today.
  • Game Design: Posts about the art and science of designing and making videogames.
  • Gender: Posts about gender, gender identity, and social issues related to gender.
  • Off the Grid: Posts about living off the grid, self-sufficiency, RV life, and updates on my desert base.
  • Self-Improvement: Posts about learning how to Become Good.
  • Silly: Lighthearted and playful posts that are mostly just for fun.
  • Social Issues: Posts about social issues in modern society that are relevant to all of us.
  • Technology: Posts about technology, tech culture, coding, and trends.
  • Writing: Posts about the practice and business of writing in all its forms.