Lim's Projects

This is the page where I showcase other (primarily hobby) projects I'm involved with in addition to my publishing business or consulting practice.

Fantasy Heroes

I've wanted to be a game designer since I was a teenager, and I've experimented with all kinds of different game designs over the years. Fantasy Heroes (working title) is my indie game project I've been working on since early 2020, and I'm hoping to bring it to PC and Android as an alpha release in 2021. This is an entirely self-funded project, and I'm doing all of the art direction and coding on it myself. If you'd like to learn more about it, I have an page for it where I'm doing updates and am planning to release it.

Mystic Legacy Deckbuilding Game

My next planned project after Fantasy Heroes is a videogame based on a card game I designed in 2017 but never actually produced for mass distribution. You can get a sneak preview of the cards and gameplay at the main page (link above) or by checking out the NFTs of the cards I have available for sale on OpenSea. All funding from NFT sales is rolled back into game development, so if you'd like to support my projects this is a great place to do it!


Thread2Blog is a free tool I built with @mattroll_ on Twitter that makes it easier than ever to cross-post your Twitter content to your blog or Substack! There are other apps that do what ours does but none of them that work perfectly for this purpose. Our app does some intelligent massaging of the content that makes it custom-suited for converting your Twitter threads to longform content. Check it out! We'd love your feedback.

Esoterica FAQ

One of my long-term ongoing projects is studying esoteric knowledge in a wide variety of forms (yes, spirituality and magick), and I regularly get questions about my research on Twitter and elsewhere. This frequently asked questions page is my attempt to answer some of these common questions with my up-to-date opinions and answers about the research I'm doing.