Your Beliefs About the World Are Self-Limiting

Your Beliefs About the World Are Self-Limiting

A list of “true” things about the world that people told me 100% believing in them and that turned out to be not at all true for me (in particular).

A primer on how just because things on average might seem like “common sense” in some contexts doesn’t mean they apply to you.

1) “Women aren’t as interested in sex as men are and it’s normal to be sexually frustrated in your marriage.”

You sweet summer children. This screws people over all the time. Libidos are personal and variable and you can 100% find people of either gender who want a lot of sex.

2) “If you undergo a gender transition, your life is going to be very hard and people won’t want to associate with you.”

Sooooo wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Even wrong 10 years ago before it was Okay to be Trans(tm). People are much cooler on average than you expect.

3) “Okay, but you’re never going to find someone to love you and marry you and if they do there’s probably something wrong with them.”

My ex is an amazing, handsome, tall, high-earning, caring, wonderful man and he wrote me a song he sang to me to propose on a moonlit bridge.

4) “Okay but that’s super rare. You got stupid lucky.”

Yes he’s very special. But every one of the partners I’ve been with over the years have been attractive, interesting, smart, wonderful people. There are a lot of good eggs out there if you go looking. On that note...

5) “Maybe you can find someone to love you but you’ll never be pretty or be a Real Girl(tm).”

I’ve really come to love how I look (attractive = effort/attitude) and if you think I’m not a real girl that’s fine. You can draw your lines where you want, I’ll draw mine where I want.

6) “There’s not any money in being an author.”

My bank account says differently. My publishing business and writing books is what earned me financial independence and allowed me to fund and launch spin-off businesses.

7) “Okay but it takes forever to build the skill to get there and you have to work for nothing for a long time and I can’t do that.”

Nope, it’s about trying stuff and putting yourself out there and finding a niche and not giving up. Write to market and keep going.

8) “Your writing isn’t good enough for people to pay you for it.”

You’re selling it to the wrong people. There’s an audience out there for anything. Product market fit, keep turning rocks over.

9) “Authority figures have your best interests at heart.”

Actually, it turns out most authority figures have THEIR best interests at heart and if you’re lucky those interests align. Usually you’re not lucky.

10) “You’re not going to find a better offer than this one.”

There’s no reason for someone to say this if it’s true. It’s a control tactic in 99% of cases.

11) “Drugs are always bad and will mess up your life.”

Drugs are tools that if misused can have serious consequences. Drugs also taught me how to love myself and everyone around me and be more compassionate and well-adjusted in every facet of my life.

12) “It’s unreasonable to expect a big salary increase from where you are now. You should be happy with 7%! That’s fantastic.”

You can double your income this year if you really wanted to. You just need to meet people who can teach you how and the drive to make it happen.

I could go on and on like this.

The point of this thread isn’t to brag.

The point is that YOU DON’T KNOW what’s possible for you or anyone else around you. The only way you’re certain to fail at something is not to try.

And just because you believe limitations exist doesn’t mean they do. You can trot out all the numbers and charts and facts you want and the fact is that there are always outliers and once in a while you’re guaranteed to be an outlier.

You might be an outlier in love, or business, or health, or longevity, or luck, or who knows what else. You certainly can’t have everything you want exactly when you’d like to have it.

But the more you try to go for something the better your odds of getting it are.

People love to tell people that they can’t do something and often this is because THEY can’t see how it could be done.

We all have limiting beliefs.

But if you want something you have to go for it. Or you definitely won’t find it.

The sooner you adopt “I don’t know what’s possible but I’m willing to try” as a life strategy the more doors will open up for you.